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A Reliable Pest Control has removed bees from; exterior stucco walls, attics, block walls, valve boxes, chimneys, trees, fences, roofs, signs, poles, tree houses, and the list goes on. Bees will inhabit almost any void that provides cover and protection from the elements.

Our technicians have a working knowledge of construction of homes and commercial buildings. This experience helps guide us to the best plan for removal with the least amount of repairs.

We are equipped to reach thirty-two (32) feet high and have the tools to remove most exterior surfaces.

In areas where demolitions is not needed to remove the bees, ARPC will fill the void with expansion foam treatment to insure they do not return. If the void cannot be filled with foam, a dust treatment is then applied. Under normal conditions dust treatment should last up to one (1) year.

When demolition is needed to remove the bees. ARPC will take all precautions to insure no pipes, electrical, or any other internal items are damaged. ARPC is not a licensed construction company so any repairs needed after removal would have to be done by one.

If you have any questions or you need us to remove a hive for you; call us at

702-258-4011 or email customerservice@arpclv,net.

Bee Treatment & Removal

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