Rodents Control

Las Vegas & Henderson

Rodent Control

A Reliable Pest Control can start a Rodent Control program for your Home or Business. 

Rodent Trapping & Baiting

Set locking bait/trap boxes inside or outside your Home or Business.

Keep others from tampering with whats inside and feel confident your home is protected.

ARPC will schedule to clean and refill each unit.

Rodent exclusion.

ARPC can close off openings used by rodents to enter your Home or Business.

Steel mesh wire; vent caps, roof access, gutter pipes, wall voids,

pipe inlets or any opening where rodents enter.

Feces & Urine Clean-up.

ARPC can clean out the rodent feces and urine left behind in your Home or Business.

Don't breath it in, clean it out.

We remove the waste, disinfect the area, remove the insulation that can't be cleaned and haul it away. 

A Reliable Pest Control will need to inspect the Home or Business before an estimate can be given.

Call today to schedule an inspection and start getting rid of your rodent problem once and for all. 

Complete photo log and inspection form provided.


Ask us about our Tree Collars.

A Reliable can affix a clear Lexan or Metal painted tree collar around the trunk of your tree to stop rodents from climbing it.

Great for trees you don't want to remove but are to close to the house to trim back.

A real solution for a growing problem. Call for an estimate today.