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Pigeon Control

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Pigeon Control

Don't Gamble with your money, Use a certified installer.

A Reliable Pest Control

Solar Panels - Critter Barrier 

Protect your investment and warranty by adding Critter Barrier. 

Easy low cost solution and guaranteed for 5 years. 

A permeant solution for a never ending problem. 

Pigeon Spike

ARPC can protect your home from loafing birds.

Bird spike is the most widely used product in the battle against pigeons.

Easy to install and very effective.

Pigeon Exclusion Cage

Let us close off the nesting sites and large areas for good.

Cage & Netting is the best way to stop nesting.

Net jobs include zippers for access.

Spider Wire & Spin Tops

These product are great for poles, lights, boats, A/C units, and large area roofing.

Spider wire comes in 4, 6, and 8 feet.

Spin Tops come in 3 feet only.

Low Voltage Shock Track

ARPC can install low voltage track to most sub-straights.

One solar charges powers up to 500 feet.

This product comes in multiple colors to match your surface.

Exclusion Products

Loafing Products